Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ACCA Full Time

ACCA is a globally recognised business program which has been successful in engaging a very huge number of students globally and more and more people look forward to step into this program each year. In this short piece, we shall look to address some fundamental questions about ACCA: What is ACCA? What is taught in this program? How long does this run? and finally, is it more appropriate to do ACCA full time or ACCA part time? Let us first turn our attention to the questions related to the program specifically.
A Brief Description Of ACCA As A Program Before We Talk About ACCA Full Time Or ACCA Part Time:
ACCA, as expressed earlier, is among the most popular and successful business education programs. ACCA stands for the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants which is the internationally recognised official body of certified chartered accountants. This body initiated this program and is responsible for running it to date. All functions pertaining to ACCA course management, from policy making to getting policy into action, from developing of syllabuses to designing of course materials, from setting up of exams to conducting exams, are performed by this Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. The syllabus was initially developed for an ACCA full time course but now it can also be studied part time. The syllabus is divided into different sections, and these different sections are tested in different papers. At least 14 papers need to be cleared before one can be given the certification of ACCA, and out of these 14, some are essential while some are to be chosen from a list of options. Some of these papers test knowledge, some test skills and a few test professional abilities. The whole course is divided into different modules which include different subjects and up to different extents of difficulty. The basic aim of this ACCA full time or part time course, as defined by the international body, is to impart all the professional, technical or ethical skills among the students which may be demanded from them when they take an accountant's, auditor's, analyst's or manager's position in a business. The syllabus of ACCA is developed carefully so that it consists of all the tools which may be necessary for imparting these skills in the students. The huge popularity of the course implies that it has, to a good extent, been able to reach its aim.
ACCA Full Time And ACCA Part Time, What Is The Difference?
Both of the ACCA courses deal with exactly the same course and have exactly the same syllabus. The only difference is that the former allows you to study the same course at more flexible times and the latter comes with fixed schedules.
The first thing you need to understand in this regard is that not all colleges offer part time teaching services so your only option might be with ACCA full time. This kind of ACCA course is feasible for people who like to get their work done in the day, and it also allows students more time to revise. The faculty may be different for part time and full time services, and in most cases the better faculty lies with the students of ACCA full time.